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Cold IPA Del Pacifico Sur - 6% 440mL can

Cold IPA Del Pacifico Sur - 6% 440mL can

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Cold IPA Del Pacifico Sur - 6%

#1 Pacific Rim International Collaboration Series : Hasta Pronto Brewing Co. Santiago, Chile.

Passionfruit - Citrus - Juicy

International brewing mates, collaborating along the Pacific Rim. This is a collaboration between Pacific Coast and our good friends at Hasta Pronto Brewing. Our breweries are both on the Pacific Coast of our countries in Santiago de Chile and Mangawhai, NZ.

This South Pacific Cold IPA is a celebration of citrus. Delicious Cryo Calypso and Nelson Sauvin are layered delicately for a complex and aromatic hop profile. These are joined by Riwaka in the dry hop to create a tropical and citrus juice bomb singing with notes of lime, gooseberry and grapefruit. This sits atop a clean and bright lager base supported by the addition of rice for a crisp finish.

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